Stargazer watch uses constellations to tell the time.

Design submitted by Raphael from the Philippines.

Raphael says: Stargazing has always been something fascinating. Looking up into the heavens and imagining what lies in the murky darkness has been a source of mystery and wonder, and I thought it would be interesting to take the concept of stargazing and put it into a watch design. This is the result.

The secret to telling the time on this watch is counting the stars. Although the outer ring (Pictured white) shows the hour in a way similar to traditional analog watches, with the last star in the chain being the hour, the two constellations in the center of the watch (Representing the minutes) are read differently. Don’t bother looking for the shapes of numbers- rather, count the number of stars in each constellation and read left to right to determine the minutes.

The design I created is something that I hope will be appreciated by all kinds of people, since it uses a theme that can be related to by everyone- We live under the same night sky, after all.

I think that the natural theme of this watch serves as a nice contrast to the techno and futuristic designs usually put out by TokyoFlash (Which I’m a big fan of!). The method of telling time is unique, but simple and easy enough for it to be convenient for anyone on the go.

14 thoughts on “Stargazer watch uses constellations to tell the time.”

  1. Hi Raphael, I got trapped, I tried to read numbers, but after the explanation is very simple.
    The idea of constellations, me like very much.
    5 * and Yes, nice work.


  2. Such an interesting and unique watch! Love the idea. Haven’t seen a piece or anything similar to it ever–this is really something special, would love to get one. 5 stars!


  3. Looks nice Raphael (welcome to the blog btw) I like the costallation look. Like Patrick I first assumed the constellations were cryptic digits. It would be cool if you could have a digit mode too as an option. Nice work 5/Y Best of luck! :D


    1. Actually, I did prototype a number mode but when I saw the final result, I found that it looked a bit too much like the number frames in the center of the Polygon watch and other similar TokyoFlash watches. I will look into it more, though, if you guys really think a digit mode would be cool. :D

      As always, thanks for the comment! Hopefully I can use these to improve the watch design.


  4. The constellation effect works well. I like the fact that they almost look like numbers, so that others will be confused – for me this adds a cryptic element to it. Good luck with this and 5*/Y.


  5. Pretty nice design!! The star constellation idea is cool and you made it look cool. It’s a fascinating topic and I think a watch like this would find its fans. Good work Raphael (nice drawings) and good luck!


  6. I like that the minutes are not digits. I don’t like to study constellations & planets but this watch make it interesting. & the user can either count the dots or the bars +1.


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