Element multi-function smartwatch with cube effect display

Design submitted by Firdaus from Malaysia.

Firdaus says: Personally speaking, I have get my hand a Sony android smart watch that cost $100. Pretty decent for an OLED watch. I also aware of Pebble watch and other smart watches that pretty decent functioned and priced. When first time I get info about Tf making a segmented LCD or LED smart watch, I ask myself, how to make the smart watch compete with other decent watches available out there? How to make it is worth it to have a watch with this limitation. How to justify the price tag?

Well, I tried LED first since its more fancy with light and futuristic, but I think it might not really usable as for smart watch, the drawback is LED poorly visible in sunlight but eat lot of battery. I want to design a watch that looks cool in daylight, and shine in the dark while at the same time usable as smart watch.

So I designed a jewel. A hexagon. A 3d lens. A 3d-cubed-hexagonal color clear mineral lens. A high contrast mirror+black LCD. Acetate + stainless steel = beauty. The result is premium looking jewellery time piece. This is Kisai Element, a smart watch design. Instead of featuring techie design, Element looks more identical to a gadget from terrestrial element from another dimension far far way. Operating the watch feels like communicating with your reptile friend in the spaceship.

Time telling in spirit of TF, Element display is divided to three 12-5-9 set of numbers, mixed with smart watch icons. All are in line and equal in size, because every element is important. From left side, is 1-12 hour digits, the right is 1-5 (x10 minute) digits, and the bottom is 0-9 +minute digits. The smart watch icons is well located and easy to find and see.

The time is told by blinking of the digits. For example, the time is 12:59am, then the digits 12, 5, 9 and am will blink. Alternatively, the digits can just disappear or in contrast, other digits and icons deactivated at the same time retain the active time digits. This can also be applied to other functions, for example music control. In normal operation mode, the digits and icons, when active will just blinking.

There is battery indicator icons, and ever changing second icon (will be visible like cryptic animating dots). Since the LCD segment is well aligned, the watch can have many ways of animation mode, fancy or useful ones.

The lens and watch face is very unique, unlike any other watches. Its not geometrically even, rather the shapes follow the geometry of cube-cut that forms hexagonal face and give the watch a holographic or 3d look, depends on which direction the lens is aligned, can be seen inside or outside surface of cube. The overall design looks fabulously unique and precious, like a futuristic gemstone alien communicator not from our human world.

Element watch design is surely unique, cryptic and packed with fun and functionality. Can be made available in array of variations, this design ensure the everlasting limited edition possibilities.

18 thoughts on “Element multi-function smartwatch with cube effect display”

  1. Very pretty looking smart watch Fir, probably the prettiest that I have seen! Having all the icons visible gives the watch a detailed complicated retro/futuristic look. Kinda like ancient glyphs or a puzzle of some sort. This would work equally well as LED watch too. Gets my vote sir! Now where do I insert my gold pressed platinum? 5/Y best of luck! :D


  2. I agree with Pete, the look is great and having all icons there among the numbers and all pressed into these rhomboid shapes is cool simplicity. Yep, LED or LCD even epaper would work. WHatever gives the best visual impact. Good luck, 5*/JA


  3. Hi Firdaus, I’m not a fan of “smart” watches, maybe because I’m not enough?
    For cons, I like the shape, really good, especially the steel version is superb.
    5 * / Yes, for many reasons.


  4. I’m not a fan of the smart watch as I prefer a watch to just tell the time. That being said, this design is so awesome that even if the smart functions were removed, I would still but it as it looks so nice and so sci-fi!!

    Thumbs up and 5*

    I love it. What program do you use to design your images?


    1. Hello Pelly, sorry for late reply. If you still follow this page, I sketch my design (2d) using Inkscape. Then I design (in 3d) using Blender. I previously used to use Yafaray to render my works, but this particular design was rendered using Octane Render. Hope this help and cheers for your interest in this design.


  5. Very nice, Firdaus! You’ve made it difficult for me to choose a favorite, I like all the color combos. Think the last two are my favorites. Good luck! 5*/y!


  6. This is genius…As usual another amazing design from you…would definitely buy the pink version and maybe the red one too…love the steel strap on this one..simply amazing and mind blowing…Good luck!!


  7. Thank you everyone for your interest in this design. Cheers Tokyoflash to finally publish this design. Even though this is 2012 design, I hope it’s not obsolete consumed by time, because art is eternal, hmmm. ;-)


  8. This is a really unique design, especially the hexagon crystal. I would definitely be interested in purchasing this watch if was put into production.


  9. Wow I never thought that someone in Facebook actually said this is answer for smartwatch and another guy said this is allspark. With pebble, keyros and other smartwatches around, I really have anxiety to present this design but the feedback on this really gives fragment of hope. Haha, hopefully it works. Cheers and thanks.


  10. I like the idea to use a colored lenses instead of colored display/lights. I like the time-reading. The smart watches are not my cup of tea but it’s the 2nd time I like a smart watch submitted here.


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