Trylon Lite 07

A second chance for Trylon [Design update]

Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: This is “Trylon Lite” an simplified version of the original Trylon concept.

In the prospect that Trylon should get a second chance at development I have had a few thoughts regarding simplification. In order to reduce watch case/modual size I have taken the lid hinge and latch outside of the case cavity. I have done a few variations which have their own merits.

I have also replaced the touch screen tech with moulded soft touch rubber buttons which could lie directly over buttons on the modual. This would also act as a buffer for the lid.

• The first variation uses leather straps and press-studs to connect the lid to the strap. This allows the lid to be flipped from either end and/or removed. This may lend itself to customisation and different styles of strap and lid.

• The second variation is a full leather version, again using the press studs.

• The third variation uses the strap spring bars as a pivot and latch feature. This seems like quite a simple and elegent solution.

• The final variation uses a horizontal pivot instead of a hinge. Again this would be outside of the case diameter and would require a notch in the strap. The pivot would ideally have a sprung bias so it clips onto the face when closed.

Tokyoflash Note: Peter’s Trylon design was accepted for further development in 2013 but unfortunately due to engineering difficulties we could not get the internal module to an acceptable size which would have caused the final watch to be too large. Sadly the project had to be dropped. This update helps to address some of the problems & will be carefully re-considered.

34 thoughts on “A second chance for Trylon [Design update]”

  1. Cheers TF for adding this variation of Trylon to the blog! Fingers crossed it will be as well received as the original version! And hopefully addresses a few technical pitfalls! :D


  2. They all look good Pete.
    I prefer the hinge variations to the pivot one, but can’t decide between them.
    I do miss the bar display of the original, but this still looks good with numbers, and will probably appeal to more people.
    Whichever variant gets made (surely one must), sign me up for one with a black strap and green display.
    5*/Y (of course).


    1. The advantage of the LCD matrix display is that you would have the option of digits or bars so potentially the best of both worlds. Fingers crossed a black and green combo is one day winging its way in your direction! Cheers :D


  3. Mine’s the third option! =) They all look good and would doubtlessly work, but using the spring bars is just my kind of clever, and it looks to me to be the most elegant option.

    Tidy work as always Pete, and a very nice evolution of the previous concept. Best of luck!


    1. Yeah the using of the spring bars is my preference if it can be done, as it seems to simplest and most elegent.
      That siad I’d be happy with any option if it stood a chance of production. Cheers for the support as allways sir! :D


  4. Hi Pete, this adaptation should solve technical problems.
    5 * / Yes, as usual and deserved.
    I would like to have the chance that one of my watches are studied, it is already good.


      1. A camera would be a nice addition but would be adding complication rather than reducing, I would certainly be open to the possibilities :D


  5. Hopefully this updated version will overcome the previous edition’s “engineering difficulties”. To go from concept the reality soon I particularly like the The first variation Black uses leather straps / Green LED and press-studs to connect the lid to the strap. Because this would allow the possible of interchangeable Face straps: Crocodile, Snake or Carbon Fiber in various Colors with various stitching patterns etc.


  6. wow so nice! these display covers rock Pete! I like the green one the least and the other ones are awesome! I’d get me those three ones. the last one… ow man, wanna wanna. very creative work Pete. crossing crossables for the Trylon invasion. 5*/hell yes


    1. Thanks a lot Sam, there are many ways to skin this particular cat. Fingers crossed one of these methods is doable. Cheers for liking and cheers for the support sir! :D


  7. Trylon triple the experience of display and read the time.
    Great and nice work as usual. You deserve another chance.
    5/Y. best of luck, master Pete


  8. I like the new buttons!

    To tell which one I like, or not, I’ll use the LED’s colors, for indication purpose only:

    I like the RED.
    About the GREEN, I’m 50/50: I prefer the red, but a watch hidden in a wristband is a nice idea!
    I don’t like the BLUE: It seem like the hardest to open/close & that it would end up broken.
    The GRAY is my favorite. ( the case could be a bronze color & have a bit of a steam punk style )


    1. Thanks a lot for the feedback Makko, I’m glad you likey and have a favourite! If be happy if any of the versions were worthy of a second chance of development. Fingers crossed one of them pushes the right buttons :D


  9. Time runs out for this one soon, so just time to say a big thank you to TF for posting it (again ;) ) and to everyone who took the time to vote, comment and share!
    Cheers everyone

    Pete from the UK :D


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