Spine: Wristwatch or futuristic weaponry?

Design submitted by Lewis from the UK.

Lewis says: The idea was to combine a simple, functional display with futuristic weapon grade design. I took inspiration from video games and films set in clean metallic futures such as Halo, Titanfall and Tron. the idea for the display came with the shape of the chassis, it needed to be long and symmetrical to make use of the space.

The watch follows the 12-5-9 rule. The white bar indicates the hour, the orange indicates minutes in increments of 10 and the blue shows increments of 1. I wanted to display the time like a health or power bar such as in games to give the wearer a sense of time depleting, like a power source. There are two buttons mounted on the chassis to set the time and to display an animated or immediate time view.

I think all fans of scifi would enjoy this design especially gamers. a lot of AAA game titles follow themes of the future and this ties in with that scheme.

The design is horizontally mounted, extending up the forearm unlike the usual square or circular face. The display separates itself from other designs because its unique in the way it makes the user feel. The watch would make you question how much time you have left as well as what time it is now. The strap would be magnetically attachable making it easy to use and easy to customise. Several different strap designs could provide a level of customisation.

22 thoughts on “Spine: Wristwatch or futuristic weaponry?”

  1. I don’t think I would be brave enough to wear it myself, but as a sci-fi fan I love the idea of a wrist mounted weapon that looks like its charging up for a neutron blast!


  2. I’d love to be able to say that I would buy this and wear it but in reality im 33 and might get funny looks walking around wearing this. But…

    …I love the look of it, being a huge fan of gaming, shooting things whilst gaming etc, I can appreciate the look and worlds in which this originated. Maybe this is one to be worn (for me at least) on the inside of my arm.


  3. Is this you first submission Lewis? I can’t remember seeing that name on the blog before… If it is; Welcome! If not: Welcome back! =)

    I very much like the style, the look of the display and the way it’s integrated into the case. It reminds me a teeny tiny bit of the Predator’s forearm computer display actually, which is a good thing…=)

    My criticism is that I think it looks too oblong; 9 cm wide means it’d reach a fair bit up the wearer’s arm… I’m sure there are many who wouldn’t be bothered by that (and it certainly has a striking look), but I think it might be scaled down a few centimetres by reducing the distance between LEDs and possibly also reducing the width of the LEDs, to maintain some of the proportions. The angle of the LEDs might also be slightly altered.

    My point is that it’d be easy to ‘tone down’ the extremes of the design a bit without losing the look, which might widen the appeal. not sure how representative I am though…=)

    In any case, I think it’s a fine piece of design, and it’d be interesting to see it ‘in the flesh’… Good luck!


  4. Hi Lewis, welocome to the blog sir! :D
    I cant add much that hasnt already been said. Great looking thing, nice images and the time telling is simple and easy to understand. Like the others I wonder if its a bit long for regular use, if you favour long sleeve shirts for example you would always be pulling up you sleeve see the time. If it could be a bit more compact I think it would suit more people.
    The looks sugest to me that it should make some futuristic synthesizer sound as the lights come on like it was charging up. Its gotta kinda rail-gun/futuristic music instrument look too. 5/Maybe with some scaling tweaks, best of luck sir! :D


    1. I didn’t even think of the shirt thing but now that you mention it, that’d be a bit of a hassle… No long-sleeved shirts in the future, I s’pose…=)


  5. hello everyone and thanks for the warm welcome to the blog!

    And thank you for the comments! first and for most the size! it is rather a large design attempt, i didn’t come across it until the design was nearly finished, i um’d and aw’d about posting the scale schematic as i figured this issue would arise. i posted it regardless because the size of the watch is down to the technical team. it could be scaled down without any compromise in its design.

    i loved the airport security comment! you would have a field day explaining that it just tells the time haha.

    it’s just something different. when i came across tokyo flash and the design challenge i scoured over previous watches and proposals and noticed certain shapes recurring and thought i might be able to change the game with an elongated chassis. As pete mentioned, sound effects would fit perfectly with this watch. they would have to be subtle so the audience doesn’t throw it against a wall after a day but the odd ION particle charging noise wouldn’t go a miss.

    again thank you for the criticism!


    1. Hey Lewis, looks like you’ve come to the right place… I can only speak for myself of course, but I suspect ‘something different’ might describe a large portion of the people here as well as their submissions…=)

      I know what you mean about the uming and awing; I’m doing it now with one of mine… I’ll probably leave it as it is though, on account of being lazy.=)

      With this for a first submission, I’m certainly looking forward to the second (and hopefully many more)!


      1. Thanks haha! I think I’ve got the bug. All I keep thinking about are watch designs and cryptic time keeping! I saw your last entry! Relativity right? Really well designed! I find texturing the hardest part. Getting reflections and specularity just right takes up most of the build time!


      2. Been there…=)

        Yep, mine and Pete’s. Thanks for the support!

        Yeah, lighting can be a dog… I’ve found a formula, so I just shove the same enivronment map on it every time, and it comes out ok.=) Unless I’m trying something special, in which case I’m back to trial and error…


      3. Hey Anders, Hurry up and get that thing submitted already! I cant wait to see “S*y*i*e on the blog! Its sweet and hopefully will get snapped up by TF! :D


      4. It was submitted last week, actually; I was talking about another design I’ve got in the works…=)


  6. hey dude, nice work.
    would you please tell me how did you manage the prototyping?
    how did you share the material form a 3D Design into a real product?

    i need some help.

    best regards from berlin


    1. I only use photoshop for touching up and explaining the product. All the textures are rendered out of the 3D package, I personally use lightwave but if you want something more ‘free’ you can download 3Dsmax student edition off the autodesk website :)


    2. I think there may be a little misunderstanding here… The watch in the images above is (as far as I can tell, and judging by Lewis’s reply above) just a 3D model, so it’s not an actual, physical thing…

      As far as I know, 3D printing should be the best option if it was to be prototyped. I know there are companies that do that, but I don’t know of any in Germany unfortunately…


      1. i hope 3D printers drop in price soon. i’ve got a library of characters and environments I’ve modelled over the years that i’d love to have a physical form of!


      2. They’re coming down pretty quick these days, I think. I’m tempted by the possibility of buying a kit and building one myself, but it’s still quite a bit of cash, not to mention the effort (and where to keep it?)…

        Characters and environments? Sounds like we could have stuff to talk about, but this blog’s probably not the place for it…=)


  7. Interesting concept!! I think the top area shouldn’t be flat but somehow get some nice edges. Just flat would look too cheap in comparison to the spine-ish display. The shape of the case (when you look at it from the top) is cool and would look good on a wrist. Would also be cool in club! Good luck Lewis!


  8. Interesting concept. It certainly looks great with the strap open and laid out as in the images – may not look so impressive when worn (and it would look like you were going to shoot up your arm).
    The length may, as others have indicated, make this a short-sleeve shirt / t-shirt watch, but that is not a problem really. It would certainly be very different to anyone else’s watch!
    Good luck and 5*/Y.


  9. I like the concept & the display overall look. Sadly it’s too wide. I would be OK with 6cm wide max. I like strap vs band. It’s a good thing, if make-able, that the strap is fixed with a magnet. I prefer closer to the wrist but also prefer 10’s min at the left.


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