Half Tone LED watch inspired by news print effect

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hugary.

Laszlo says: I like to look at close up images on the printing process. I really like the way the tiny little dots creates the image.

This inspired me to design this LED watch. It is a LED version of my previous LCD watch design: Blur.

The upper two digits is indicates the hours and the lower two is the minutes.

9 thoughts on “Half Tone LED watch inspired by news print effect”

  1. Thanks for the new submission Laszlo. An interesting digital watch and I can envisage a few ways it could be made. Possibly like the R75 design where holes are drilled with LEDs behind or like the 1000100101 watch. It is quite similar to the R75 in that it uses digits to show the time. I wonder if the size of the dots in this design makes it unique enough. I can certainly imagine lots of cool LED animations that would make the watch stand out.


  2. Cool-looking thing, this. The gradated size of the LEDs is really the thing that sells this, and it does a pretty good job of it, too! The display might be on the too-easy side for some, but the size thing could be adapted to any number of more or less cryptic alternative layouts. There are probably plenty of options for the layout shown, actually, so the wearer could choose a suitable level of encryption. Either way makeability should be no problem at all. Good luck Laszlo!


  3. Nice looking concept, love the close up image at the top. I wonder if it would be nicer with all the same size LEDs with more in the centre (more dense) and less at the perimeters (less dense) rather than using different sizes etc. Subjective thing of course. Much potential here! 5/Y Best of luck sir! :D


  4. This Pin LED LED digits are simple but very effective, plus the pulse animation effect only adds to the overall excellence of this concept,


  5. I was never very keen on R75, but this is very appealing. I think it is the different sized LEDs that make the numbers look so great. I think this and the animation make this unique enough and it should certainly be in the TF range.
    Good luck and 5*/Y.


  6. I like the minimalistic look & the various size of the LED’s (without them, it would be too plain). I like that the effect continue on the strap. It would be nice if the dots where colored!


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