Minimalist ‘EInked’ ring-watch and companion wristwatch

Design submitted by Clement from Singapore.

Clement says: I have been looking at watches with eink screens but i have not seen any pretty ones yet. Eink screens consume little power and should last long if used in a normal watch.(Current smartwatches have too many functions that consume power). Hence i’ll try my hand at designing a watch that suits my fancy. I also realized that ring-watches are quite cool but not many people wear them.

The design has a minimalistic watch face. Hours are told by the white dot on the wooden disc and minutes are told by the “string of words” on the eink display. The “string of words” could be anything that is programmed in the control unit, like date, seconds, temperature or even a stopwatch mode. Two buttons on the back of the watch helps to toggle between modes or set the time.

I think the rubber-strapped watch would appeal to fun loving people that would like a simple design. The metallic ring-watches are more for hipsters and probably lean towards the more feminine.

The way of telling time is not esoteric but rather based on our natural perception of the clockface. There are actually 2 models of the watch presented. One is the common wristwatch that looks clean and simple. The other is a ring watch that is fairly unique.

8 thoughts on “Minimalist ‘EInked’ ring-watch and companion wristwatch”

  1. Nice Design Clement! i’m a big fan of minimalistic design and this is sublimely simple. Well presented and clearly described. Cant help but think this design was inspired by egg yolk haha my favourite colour combo is the black and white and if it was a wrist watch i’d spare no time purchasing it. Good luck!



  2. I love this kind of design. Perhaps you shouldn’t have mentioned other watches as inspiration, just in case of potential copyright issues. Good luck!



  3. I presume that the hours are told via an analogue movement in your proposal? I have seen a phosphor watch that combined analogue and epaper, it was quite chunky to allow for the mechanism. I would suggest that the hours are also told by the epaper, if there was a filter layer above the display (with your wood pattern) that would be practically invisible on white, but where the display is black would be visible. This would give the same effect and allow the watch to be nice and slim, which would certainly be important on the ring version. Nice work 5/Y best of luck! :D


  4. Thanks dzign555 and Pete for your kind advice. I will take note when designing my next item :)
    Meanwhile, cheers everyone!


  5. Nice combination of analog and digital. The minute hand as carrier of extra information is clever. The smart-connection is cool for those who need it. Otherwise there can be alarm, date, time of another timezon, maybe a timer. So a non-smart watch would work too. Minimalistic design is welcome for me too. Good luck Clement!


  6. Very nice Clement! That touch of wood really sets it off.
    The ring version may be a little hard to fit analogue movement & epaper & battery, but the watch version is certainly possible. Having e-paper as a disc which rotates is very clever indeed. Well done.


  7. Nice clean design but not for me sorry. Maybe if it was in watch format then possibly but the ring version is too feminine for my liking.


  8. Wonderful, minimalistic design, Clement.
    I’m not sure why, but it looks like robot eyes (Wall-E springs to mind).
    I wouldn’t go for a ring watch, but as a wrist watch, this is very appealing.
    Good luck and 5*/Y.


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