MK-1 WEAPON watch displays alien countdown

Design submitted by Valentin from the USA.

Valentin says: I came up with this design when i was in a meeting and my friend asked me for the time, so i showed him the time with my my fingers using my left hand. I know its kinda corny the way i came up with this lol but i think it works. I called it MK-1 WEAPON. Being a alien weapon, i decided on one of the color schemes to represent master chief from halo.

The time is told by five leds. There are three colors for the hour being: red, the minutes in tens being: yellow, and the single minutes being: green. I did this so that people could distinguish the hours and minutes, because the same leds will be used to tell the hours and minutes.. so the concept is pretty much just like showing the time with your fingers. example; 8:45.  the leds will show all five leds on the first blink, and only three on the second blink. adding to 8. for the minutes, only four leds will bling once representing 4, and for the second digit in the minute the leds blink once showing all five leds, for the sum of 45. all adding for a total of four blinks. I hope you guys get it lol. I drew out a picture for you guys with examples for extra reference for those who learn better with pictures:)

For people who like outer space alien like watches with unique designs would get multiple complements. and for those who like halo:)

It’s time telling simplicity and its minimalist design stands out and its ability to tell time with no digits and only five tri color leds.

14 thoughts on “MK-1 WEAPON watch displays alien countdown”

  1. It also reminds me of a Predator style watch as well the Halo theme. I think that style of time telling could be quite popular, although I am very impatient I don’t like to wait for the sequence ;-)
    I do like the star arrangement of crystalline lights which promotes the alien device feeling & I am sure some interesting animations could be added too.

    oh, i just want to add… There is the possibility to have 2 LED in each crystal so the watch could have another mode where it can show the time in 3 or 4 blinks.


  2. Thanx for posting TFJ!! Any advice from you guys is great!! and would only make the watch better. Thanx for sharing your thoughts:)


  3. Hi Valentine (you have a French first name?), the flickering of LEDs are difficult to memorize to give the hour, I am of agreement with TF, to divide LEDs existing to simplify the reading and not to denature the drawing.
    I like much this futuristic form, that deserves 5 stars and Yes.


  4. Yea my name is French, but I’m Portuguese:). And the for the time. Just add the amount of led’s that blink. Ex. If the red LEDs blink twice, that’s 5 on each blink so all you have to do is simple addition, 5+5=10. So the hour would be 10:). And thanx for the support!!


  5. I really like the look of this thing. I especially dig the Master Chief colour scheme. Im not entirely thrilled with the time telling tho. I don’t mind adding up the time, and I don’t mind phased time telling but the two together could be a bit long winded. My suggestion would be extra time telling modes (still using the same five crystals) but maybe with more leds in them so the time can be told all at the same time. Maybe a digital mode could be possible using four of the crystals with the fifth showing AM/PM or mode etc. If it was made I would consider buying for the looks alone! Best of luck Valentin! :)


  6. Since Playstation has me, I don’t do Halo but I like outer space alien like watches with unique designs!!

    Cool watch. I just imagine this LED star on my wrist…. do want! I like the simple but distinctive design. Very cool bottom plate of the case!!

    Sequential time telling… yes I allow it hehe. I’ve done those too in favor of the look of a watch. Dividing the LEDs for a more comfortable time telling is alright I think.

    Good luck/5*/YES


  7. I like the idea and the look of the watch, but I probably wouldn’t enjoy waiting for the longer sequences – 11:56 to 59 would be 6 displays in the sequence. So, I agree with the other comments of getting larger numbers on each display and reducing the length of the sequence. Hopefully this wouldn’t spoil the appearance.
    I do prefer your great watch from last week (Vortex), but this is still a good design. Good luck.


  8. Thanx for the support guys!! And yea I think it would be a good idea to have more LEDs one crystal. It will just make it faster to read I guess:)


  9. Hey, Valentin. I searched the blog using ‘penta’ and ‘star’ but didn’t see another pentagon design. I like how you handled where the band meets the case, and I like the traffic signal colors. I’d like to see what animations you could do with the LEDs. Good luck!


  10. Thanx xian. And I wish I could animate but I can’t. I only work with what I have:/ if i could animate it would really help people see what my designs real potential is.


    1. I use “Microsoft GIF Animator”. ( it’s free )

      1st, with another software, you do multiple copy of a GIF picture & simply change the LED’s colors.

      Then, with the Animator software, you create a slideshow.

      ( Number the picture as 1-2-3 or a-b-c & start it by the bigger # and finish with the lower #. New pictures get inserted on top of the last/current on. )


  11. The overall look is interesting. Sadly, it rely to much on memorizing the blinking order & multiple phases/colors. (having one color per phase is good)


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