Profusely-LEDs-Watch : Smart & Simple

Design submitted by Patrick from France.

Patrick says: It’s simple, I like metal watch, with animated LEDs.

The “Profusely-LEDs-Watch”. It is a watch with programmable LEDs and it can be connected with its smartphone, it indicates the outside temperature, the weather, it receives messages (e-mail, SMS etc)

Several buttons on the top of the case makes it possible to select what one wishes to activate. The buttons on the sides program the various options: “cryptic reading of the hour”, various and varied animations etc. A spare battery (removable) makes it possible to prolong its autonomy.

The “Profusely-LEDs-Watch” is intended for many people liking LEDs animated.

The “Profusely-LED-Watch” is the first smartwatch with a reading transmitted by LEDs (to my knowledge?)

34 thoughts on “Profusely-LEDs-Watch : Smart & Simple”

  1. I love the look of this and the simplicity of reading the LEDs. With some of the other watches you have to really stare to figure them out but this one you can see at a glance. Love it!


    1. Hi Vanessa, thank you for your nice comment and your vote.
      In the animation, the time is easy to read, but you can choose another program to a more cryptic reading of your choice, if you wish.


  2. Without doubt it would be really awesome to have a bright animating LED matrix with those smart functions.

    If it was made I think some compromise would have to be made as to the number of LED. You have about 400 or so shown here & I think even 200 would be a lot to fit into a watch. I think the most we managed before is 72 :-( however I am sure it could be higher. Anyway, despite that I could be wrong – I will ask our engineers about this & see how many could be maximum.

    Its a great idea & I think even with the LED issue something could be done, such as using a TFT screen to simulate the LED matrix.


    1. Quick update for you from our engineers ~ for regular LED the limit is about 100 because of power & controller chip to fit in a watch can’t handle more. However OLED matrix can be used which can have many many more dots. The OLED displays are fixed size so we need to source one to fit the required size as close as possible.


      1. Hi team Tokyoflash, thank you for the comment needed to invent watches with good feasibility. I think with 100 LEDs we can already do something correct, but if the OLED technology enables more LEDs, so it’s great!
        Thank your for posting on the blog.


      2. Hi Xian, thank you for your comment and your vote.
        A touch screen would be more complicated to handle than the buttons, I think?
        For programming, I think we should keep the two buttons on the side?
        For buttons on the dial face, the far right scroll menu or you can choose the topic and the other 2 are shortcuts to arrive on two topics that you called directly (as in the animated example, that all left is for the weather and the center gives the time directly).


      3. Hi Xian, good question.
        A battery releases a slight heat, at the time of the rechage, but not in function on the wrist (to be confirmed by a technician).


  3. + classic design
    + led matrix for fun
    + smart connection with nice animation
    + easily replacable battery
    + it’s simple

    such a watch with a display that can show a lot of things has to become alive. it doesnt have to compete with pebble or the other high tech watches. Toky can open another branch of smart watches with flashy style and basic functions. we have so many number ideas here in the blog, they could all come with this watch, if there is no way to make them real in another way. Pebble users already copy displays from this blog, so there IS a “market” for diversion.

    Good luck Patrick. I’m not sure if exactly this watch stands out sufficiently but it’s nice. 5*/YES


    1. Hi Sam, thank you for your interesting comment and your vote.
      I hope that such watch can appeal to a wider audience?
      A smartwatch with LEDs, it would be really different.


  4. It’s getting better. It is said, practice makes perfect. I hope Tokyoflash would one day gather us to discuss on some projects.

    Cool idea Patrick-chin.

    Worth to find out – Recently released Samsung Gear S Smartwatch. Kindly observe it’s charger.


    1. Hola Alma, gracias por su comentario y su voto.
      Sí, es un reloj inteligente, se le puede dar el clima o las lecturas de sus mensajes, dar la dirección de un buen restaurante y muchas otras cosas …


  5. The matrix style display is a wise direction for a multi-purpose watch. It gives the display flexibility and makes the programming the clever bit. As the watch is a fairly blank canvas I would have liked a few more display examples to tempt our taste-buds. I will just have to use my imagination until it hits the watches page! ;)


    1. Hi Pete, thank you for your comment and your vote.
      The imagination goes beyond the explicit description, it assigns a greater perspective to the project. As you say, if one day she is in the catalog, we will be pleased to find out all features.


  6. As Pete says, the watch here is really a blank canvas (the example displays in the animation are not my taste). I like the concept, but would also have liked some images showing cryptic time-telling examples (it’s the reason I buy watches).
    However, Sam has highlighted the only thing that interests me in smart watches – a choice of time display to present on them! Maybe this design means I can stick with TF.
    So, good luck and 5y.


    1. Hi Nev, thank you for your interesting comment and your vote.
      Pete is right in his comment, but the smartwatch has so many possibilities, it is impossible to carry out all the activities or cryptic readings of the time. I could have done, for example, a 12-5-9 reading or playing like “NEAT LED watch” or “Grid LCD watch” etc. etc., scroll through a more complete weather or a message from a mail box etc. etc. Here I wanted to disassemble is that with a multitude of LEDs, you can run many things, almost like a traditional smartwach, but unheard of, with LED (or OLED), I think it’s originality?


    1. Hi Lance, thank you for your comment sympathetic nerve and your vote.
      Can the battery be reloaded by USB cable or a charger or directly with a removable socket, integrated into the battery, why not?


  7. I like the dot matrix under a lens (I did 2. 1 was published. Another 1, more recent, wasn’t.) & the position of the buttons. It’s nice to have smart watches applications.


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