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Police Light tells time in 3 colors

Design submitted by Ilham from Indonesia.

Ilham says: “I was inspired by many designs in this blog. So, I started make my own watch design. Police light will light up your life.”

It is an LCD watch with dual bracelet inspired by police light. There are 3 colors, red, white, and blue. 1 red block shows 1 hour. 1 white bolck shows 5 minutes. 1 blue block shows 1 minute. The date shows at the top. Continue reading Police Light tells time in 3 colors

Timetri watch tells time in triangles

Design submitted by Albert from Poland.

Albert says:  Timetri is an idea of graphics watchface which looks like it’s come from a sci-fi movie.

It expresses time by four groups of triangles, representing hours, tens of minutes and single minutes.  The time of day can be gathered from the position of the white triangle (down for AM and up for PM). Continue reading Timetri watch tells time in triangles

Hourglass e-paper watch simulates the sands of time.

Design submitted by Heather from the USA.

Heather says: In an attempt to “change the way I think about time”, I pondered ways of telling time that could be different.  In doing so, I thought about an hourglass, which led to the creation of rounded digits that could appear to fill an hourglass.

Continue reading Hourglass e-paper watch simulates the sands of time.

1259 block design (update)

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says : LCD version of my older 12-5-9 style concept in new stylish case.

Very easy to read. The outer twelve segments surrounding the face indicate the hours, the five big inner segments show 10 minutes group, and the nine small are the single minutes.

The LCD screen is radically reduces the power consumption.

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Swatch Bot timepiece adds a splash of colour

Design submitted by Clarence-Junius from the USA.

Clarence-Junius says: As an artist I use the color wheel a lot which inspired me to use that as a theme for this design. The vivid hues of a color wheel would look great as a time piece.

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Ronu V2 e-paper watch (update)

Design submitted by Ignacio from Spain.

Ignacio says: This is a redesign of my first idea published on tokyoflash blog, Ronu. I always loved my first idea, but in 2011 (the year I designed it), I had no idea of 3D, as you can see. It’s some ugly the design I did, isn’t?

That’s why I redesign it, trying to do the best I know to date, trying to refresh it, to upgrade it.

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