The Turbine V3 LCD Touch Screen Watch Concept

Design submitted by Firdaus (Malaysia) & Peter (UK).

Peter and Firdaus team up to design another version of Turbine inspired watches. The Turbine V3 is an always on LCD watch design with touch screen function. The design element was inspired by the turboprop of aircraft with sharper blade-look. Continue reading The Turbine V3 LCD Touch Screen Watch Concept

Phi-Inspired LCD Watch

Design submitted by Heather (USA) & Sam (Germany).

At least since the 20th century, many artists and architects have proportioned their works to approximate the golden ratio (phi φ) — especially in the form of the golden rectangle — believing this proportion to be aesthetically pleasing. While the Golden Ratio is often used in arts and design, the Fibonacci Spiral is a pattern that can be found in nature. Continue reading Phi-Inspired LCD Watch

That’s No Moon Watch

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

This watch concept is inspired the natural play of light and shadow on the surface of Mercury, the Moon and similar celestial bodies. The Saturn moon Mimas and the Deathstar from Star Wars were influencing the display design. Continue reading That’s No Moon Watch

Time in Triangles

Design submitted by Dietrich from Australia.

Dietrich says: This idea was inspired by my inaccurate memory of a 1980s video game called Qix, and also by sun-dials. I originally had two watch ideas – one for the outer triangles and for an inner triangle, so I merged the two. Continue reading Time in Triangles

Wires That Tell Time

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says: My inspiration for this watch is the wireframe based visualisation of 3D models in the computer. Automan’s car impressed me back then in the 80’s, when computer graphics became more and more popular. I wanted a similar looking minimalistic watch with emphasized edges which define its outline and necessary details.

Continue reading Wires That Tell Time


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