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Switch watch activated by brute force!

Design submitted by Patrick from France.

Patrick says: When I had presented my “Kuranku-Watch”, comments are deferred mainly on brittleness of crank (even if it activates only LEDs), thus for the “Switch-Watch”, the handle is much more “muscular”.

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Genome – Double Helix DNA chain shapes show time

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: The future of technology is Bio mechanic engineering which machine are grown using a combination of cybernetic fibres & genetic material to create living machines. The concept behind the following LCD / E-ink Display which I call: Genome.

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Visionary – Analog watch deconstructed

Design submitted by Jose from Spain.

Jose says: I’ve always been the curiosity to ask me in formal and functional terms, would happen when I disassembling an analog watch to assemble it again but in a different way from the original, maintaining its features. Continue reading Visionary – Analog watch deconstructed

Infraction displays fractioned time

Design submitted by Lloyd from the UK.

Lloyd says: “Infraction” is an LCD concept watch design which, as the name suggests, displays the time and date literally “in” what appear to be fractions. Don’t worry, though. Absolutely no maths is needed and telling the time is very easy. Continue reading Infraction displays fractioned time